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Air Column Bag for use Fregile Product and make damage freeConventional width of air column roll is 2 cm, 3 cm The wider of air column, have better cushioning effect. But the most commonly used is 3 cm column width. Thickness also has 7um, the stronger thicker have better protective too . If you need customization, please contact us for discussion. It also can be tear or cut, will to pack vulnerable goods, such as glass crafts, express delivery, red wine, porcelain, precision instruments, etc


Brand: Hongbang Packaging Category : Air column bag
Material: PA/PE Co-extrusion film Column width: 3cm(before inflating)
Size: 32*7cm Bearing capacity: 200kg
Air retention time: 5 mouths Thickness: normal

Inspection reports and certification including Rohs, Reach and Msds can be offered.

Non-toxic and odorless environmentally friendly and safe.

Imported film transparent material.

Elegant design remote your brand image.

Sealed tightly precluding air leakage.

High quality: Above 15% nylon content, excellent toughness and load bearing capability.

Imported valve: High-low temperature tested. durable air-holding capacity.


Customization process(If you have any question, please contact customer service.)

  1. Tell us the side of your product
  2. Quote and offer free sample
  3. Confirm the sample and contract
  4. Delivery in 5-10 days(over100,000 air bags).Delivery in 3-5 days(less than 100,000 air bags.)


Regular width of column

  1. 2cm width of each column applicable to commodities with small volume.
  2. 3cm width of each column applicable to 80% commodities with medium volume.
  3. 4cm width of each column applicable to large and heavy commodities.
  4. 6cm width of each column with thick materials applicable to extreme large ad heavy commodities.

Printing, a good way to publicize your company. According to feedback, 90% of customers state that logo printing makes deep impression on customers.


5 steps quality control processes

The first step: Pre-production inspection, well begun is half done, material inspected strictly pre-production.

The second step: Making samples, one meter inspection in trial production.

A:1mater production cut into two portions.

B:Visual inspection of the first portion.

C:Dialyste testing of the second portion.

The third step:300 meters inspection. After trial production, 300 meters inspection begins:

A:2 pieces of 10 column inspecting every 301 meters of production.

B:Quality inspection methods as the trial production.

C:Marked down the date and serial number on the tested samples for future inquiry.

The forth step: 200 air column bag testing. If the product by trial-producing is eligible, air column bags will be tested once 202 pieces air column bags are made

A:Once 202 pieces are made, 2 pieces will be tested

B:Quality testing processes are the same as trial producing testing

C:When finished quality testing, date and serial number will be written on, in case to inquire someday.

The fifth step: Random sampling inspection. Systematic sample inspection during the entire production process/above 99.5% qualified products guaranteed. In order to make al of the products pass rate reach as high as 99.5%.

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