Food Vacuum Seal Roll 10″ X 50′- 2 count

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1. Using Premium PA/PE material and advanced technical equipment.

PA/PE Raw materials: Three-proof technology stems from 5 layers thickened high temperature compression long-term storage, the middle nylon layers

(PA) prevents cold air and water from seeping into the compression bag.

Puncture-resistant nylon soft material: Nylon’s tensile strength and compressive strength change with temperature and can be refrigerate and frozen, with strong temperature resistance.

2. Comply with food grade safety, use with confidence.

3. Temperature resistant, can be used at -30~80℃.

4. Different specifications and color printing can be customized according to different foods.

5. Length according to the actual needs of the free cutting, to seal up the upper and lower two, suitable for packaging different sizes of food. Vacuum bag is a professional vacuum bag with one side embossed and the other side smooth, suitable for all automatic vacuum fresh-keeping machines with vacuum cavity principle at homeand abroad.


1. Increase food storage time and nutritional value-the freezer storage time is extended by 5-6 times, maintaining freshness, flavor and nutritional value.
2. for vegetables & fruits, rice & cereals, nuts & dry goods, coffee & tea; meat & fish, seasoned meat, sausage and their small portions;
collectibles, silver, valuable documents or electronic items Vacuum sealed package.
3. Widely used in homes, shopping malls, food processing industries, etc.

Food Ordinary refrigeration Vacuum refrigeration
Beef 2 days 6 days
Fish 2 days 5 days
Meat 2 days 10 days
Ham 2 days 10 days
Bread 2 days 8 days
Cookies 2 days 365 days
Fruits 2 days 8-20 days


How to use the vacuum machine?

  1. Wash food and place in a vacuum bag.
  2. Put the bag mouth flat into the slot.
  3. Cover the upper cover and lock both ends of the machine.
  4. Press the strong vacuum button to automatically seal the vacuum.
  5. After the vacuum sealing is completed, unlock the clamps at both ends of the machine.
  6. Take out the bag and vacuum seal it.

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