How many grams of kraft paper are suitable for cosmetic kraft paper bags?

When buying cosmetics, you often give a cosmetic packaging bag as a gift to facilitate carrying. How many grams of kraft paper should you choose if the cosmetics are packaged in kraft paper bags? Which type of cosmetics is more suitable for kraft paper bags than other paper bags? Today’s century old paper industry will give a special explanation.
Kraft paper bag
1、 How many grams of kraft paper are used to make cosmetic kraft paper bags?
Generally speaking, general cosmetics are not very heavy, and the weight of cosmetics including suits is limited. Therefore, haocentennial paper industry usually recommends that 150-200g kraft paper be used for general cosmetics kraft paper bags; If the weight of cosmetics is lighter, 100-150g kraft paper can also be used.
2、 How to choose kraft paper bags for cosmetics with different consumption positioning
1. Generally speaking, the natural color kraft paper is more suitable for consumers who mainly use the ancient formula and the Han formula to improve their appearance, because the almost primitive color of the natural color kraft paper gives people a sense of retro, which is the same as the positioning of cosmetics. The following kinds of kraft paper are ideal for cosmetic kraft paper bags:
(1) Refined kraft paper for handbags 100g yellow long-term spot
(2) 120 grams of kraft paper for environment-friendly portable paper bags
(3) Supply price of 120g double-sided yellow kraft paper (100% environmentally friendly recycling)
2. Generally, high-tech beauty cosmetics are more suitable for making kraft paper bags with white kraft paper. White gives people a clean and light feeling, which is more in line with the positioning of young people. The following kinds of white kraft paper are ideal choices:
(1) American GP white kraft paper
(2) 120g coated white kraft paper
(3) 70-150g FSC white kraft paper

Post time: Mar-11-2022