Indonesia International Packing Exhibition

Every action of Hongbang is full of harvest. At the International exhibition in Indonesia, Hongbang went out again. It was a complete success and was interviewed on a local TV show. In this exhibition, we once again show the spirit of Hongbang - unity, positive, hard struggle. Every time in the communication with customers can be recognized by customers. Every trip shows hongbang style.

This is our lovely, honorable, hardworking team.

First, be firm in your ideals and beliefs. Faith is the driving force of all work, is the direction, is the beacon. Only when we have a clear direction can we work efficiently.

Secondly, we should study hard and improve our quality constantly. We should equip our minds with scientific theories, correctly understand the trend of social development, establish a correct world view, outlook on life and values, and develop the habit of lifelong learning. We should constantly establish new ideas, learn new knowledge and master new skills, so as to contribute our wisdom and wisdom to the development and growth of Hongbang.

Thirdly, as a member of Hongbang packaging, we should forge ahead and have the courage to innovate. Every time hongbang innovates, it must adhere to the pioneering and innovative work ideas, closely combine the requirements of superiors and the characteristics of The Times with the reality, and carry out the work creatively. We must be full of vigor and vitality. As the fresh force and commandos of Hongbang, we must work with passion and live happily.

Comrades, let us work together, pour the flower of the ideal with sweat, weave the rainbow of the ideal with both hands, gather the strength of all people, unite as one, work hard, and write a magnificent chapter in the great history of Hongbang's achievements in development!

Post time: Nov-06-2020