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Spout pouches

Advantage of Spout Pouches

The spout pouch is a innovation of packing mode which specific design for liquid-based products.The reason behind the recognition of these spouted pouches is its user friendly design which is apt for storing liquids, pasty or loose bulk materials. Besides, in comparison to normal PET or glass bottles, spouted pouches are easier for transport and perfect for retail shelves.The mainly use for products like petrol station screen wash, baby jelly, liquid food, cold drinks and toiletries etc.

Spouted pouches are re-closable and produced with a weld spout and a cap. These spouts can be engineered for spill control, convenience and safety and hence suitable for liquid range of products like beverages, sauces or cleaning agents. The size and form can be customised as per clients need and requirement.

Pack Smart also provides spouted pouches which includes fitments and closures according to the specifications of wide array of products.

Design and Customized

Here is HONGBANG Packaging. We provide various food packaging bags solutions for different needs and applications.Tell us your requirement we will meet your all kinds of needs. We don’t develop products and try to drive you towards them; we listen to your needs and engineer innovations that will solve your packaging challenges.

Feature and Opiont


 Vivi Printing, glossy or matte finished

 A Range of Spout and Caps


 Tear Notch

 Round Cornered

 Special Shape

 Stand up or flat


Common Structures (Materials) of Spouted Pouches

Outer Layer: Allows printing of graphic to take place, carrying advertising which communicates a brand message and appeals to consumers.

Middle Layer:  Leakproof, and Acts as a protective barrier to ensure that the content of the pouch is kept safe and fresh.

Inner Layer: The most important layer amongst the three. This layer is usually FDA approved to ensure that food is safe when coming in contact with the packaging. It is also heat-sealable to assure customers that the pouch has not been tampered with.


Applications (Industries)


 Pasty and Liquid Products

 Home and Garden Products

 Health and Beauty Products


 Industrial & Other packaging

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