Kraft Paper Stand Up Pouch

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Kraft paper stand up pouch

the paper stand up pouch is a most popular packaging style of market because this form of packaging is versatile and practical as well as attractive. As the name itself suggests, these bags are able to stand up in every hard surface. It has great shelf display ability and they can minimizing storage needs and maximizing shelf space. Usually, the stand up pouch is mainly use on snack, condiment, jewelry, tea or coffee packaging. Properties of the stand up pouch
the stand up pouch is manufactured from several layers of barrier materials that can be classified into 3 main groups, which comes together to provide the pouch with durable and puncture-resistant characteristics. These 3 groups are:
outer layer: allows printing of graphic to take place, carrying advertising which communicates a brand message and appeals to consumers.
middle layer: acts as a protective barrier to ensure that the content of the pouch is kept safe and fresh.
inner layer: the most important layer amongst the three. This layer is usually fda approved to ensure that food is safe when coming in contact with the packaging. It is also heat-sealable to assure customers that the pouch has not been tampered with.
the stand up pouch also allows customisable features such as zippers, top holes, tear notches and spouts to enhance its performance safety and high quality will be our first principle. All of our product are made by food grade material which means the film we use, ink and line of production are 100% security for every adult even child. Further, we are strict with quality which means zero tolerance for any form of compromise that shows on strong construction, air tightness and vivid printing. Packaging delicate and perfect match with customer demand will always be our purpose.
feature of stand up pouch

smell proof light proof

water proof

leak proof window avaliable outdoor friendly vivi design reuseable variable materials

light weight and portability no balancing game easy to stand up

bpa,lead, pvc,phthalate-free design and customized
here is hongbang packaging. We provide various food packaging solutions for different needs and applications. Our manufacture accept any kinds of custom product. We can make your product different appearance such as matte surface, gloss surface or show them together on the packaging . Tell us your requirement we will meet your all kinds of needs. We don’t develop products and try to drive you towards them; we listen to your needs and engineer innovations that will solve your packaging challenges.
services and warranty we have professional customer service team to reply and solve question within 24 hours. Each case will own a specific person to ensure the design,quantity, quality and date of delivery are match with requirement. We love to provide best service and give most support to our customer.

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