Since 1999

Hong Bang Packaging Co., Ltd

A competent company specializing in plastic colorprinting and laminating flexible 

packaging materials, vacuum metallized films and multi-functional films.

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We have professional quality controller to ensure packaging quality.Now we have 2 subsidiaries, 

Hong Bang (Hong Kong) Packaging, Hong Bang (HUIZHOU), which all enjoy convenient transportation 

access to Hong Kong and ShenZhen port.

Research & Development

We have conducted extensive testing on every new product and issued professional testing reports, such as Total Thickness (um), Sealing Size (mm), Oxygen Transmission Rate OTR (cm3/m2 ·24h ·0.1MPa), Seal Strength(kgf), Water Vapor Transmission Rate WWTR (g/m2 · 24h), Bond Strength(N/15mm), Puncture Resistance (N/15mm), Tensile Strength (N/15mm) , Tensile Rate / percentage, C.O.F (G/m2), Retained Solvents.


About our production capacity and equipment specifications, Plant area 35,000 square meters, 210 Employee, $11 million Annual revenue, 15 Production line, 2 set 14 colours printing machine, 2 set 10 colours printing machine, 3 sets 8 colours printing machine, 2 set High speet laminator, 2 set Extrusion laminator, 2 set Solventless laminator, 2 set Dry compound laminator, 15 sets Bag making machine.

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Working At HongBang

Happiness and health are the work and life philosophies pursued by every Hongbang person. In order to continuously improve the physical fitness of employees and create a healthy and happy working and living atmosphere, Hongbang Packaging actively carries out sports activities, various reward activities, and team building activities that are beneficial to the physical and mental health of employees based on its own actual situation. 


Approved by ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22002, BRC, FDA, etc.