• How many grams of kraft paper are suitable for cosmetic kraft paper bags?

    When buying cosmetics, you often give a cosmetic packaging bag as a gift to facilitate carrying. How many grams of kraft paper should you choose if the cosmetics are packaged in kraft paper bags? Which type of cosmetics is more suitable for kraft paper bags than other paper bags? Today’s ce...
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  • Characteristics of kraft paper bag

    characteristic (1) Strong air barrier performance, anti-oxidation, waterproof and moisture-proof. (2) Strong mechanical performance, high blasting resistance, strong puncture and tear resistance. (3) High temperature resistance (121 ℃), low temperature resistance (- 50 ℃), oil resistance and g...
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  • The development prospect of kraft paper bag

    Kraft paper bag is based on wood pulp paper, color is divided into white kraft paper and yellow kraft paper, can use PP material on the paper with a layer of film, waterproof effect, bag strength can be made according to customer requirements of one to six layers, printing and bag integration. Op...
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  • Indonesia International Packing Exhibition

    Indonesia International Packing Exhibition

    Every action of Hongbang is full of harvest. At the International exhibition in Indonesia, Hongbang went out again. It was a complete success and was interviewed on a local TV show. In this exhibition, we once again show the spirit of Hongbang - unity, positive, hard str...
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  • Hong Kong International Printing and Packaging Exhibition

    Hong Kong International Printing and Packaging Exhibition

    The 7th Hong Kong International Printing and Packaging Exhibition is a prestigious and rare one-stop business platform for the industry. It has become an important bridge and hub linking printing and packaging service providers with global manufacturers, service provider...
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