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Packaging for marijuana, whether it's for medical or recreational use, should meet specific requirements to ensure safety, 

regulatory compliance, and product freshness. The characteristics of marijuana packaging bags may include:


In many jurisdictions, marijuana packaging must be child-resistant to prevent accidental access by children. This typically 

involves a resealable or tamper-evident design.


Marijuana packaging should be designed to contain odors effectively, ensuring discretion and compliance with regulations. 

This is often achieved through a combination of materials and seals that minimize odor escape.


Exposure to light can degrade the quality of cannabis products. Packaging bags should be opaque or have light-blocking 

properties to protect the product from UV rays.

Moisture Control: 

Maintaining the appropriate moisture level is crucial for preserving the quality of cannabis. Some packaging bags are designed 

to control humidity and prevent the product from becoming too dry or moist.

Size Variability: 

Packaging bags come in various sizes to accommodate different product quantities, from small quantities of edibles to 

larger quantities of flower or concentrates.


Reusable and resealable packaging is convenient for consumers and helps maintain product freshness. Ziplock or similar 

closures are common in marijuana packaging.


Regulations often require specific labeling, including product information, potency, dosage instructions, and warning labels. 

Packaging should provide adequate space for this information.

Compliance with Local Regulations: 

The design and materials used in marijuana packaging must adhere to local and state or provincial regulations, which can vary widely.


Some regions require transparent windows on packaging to allow consumers to see the product, particularly for edibles.

Recyclable or Eco-Friendly: 

Many consumers and regulations favor eco-friendly packaging materials that are recyclable or biodegradable.

Branding and Design: 

Packaging can also serve as a way for companies to establish their branding and differentiate their products. This may involve 

unique graphics, colors, and logos.


Tamper-evident features, such as seals or stickers, are commonly required to ensure product integrity.


Packaging bags can be made from various materials, including mylar, plastic, paper, and glass, depending on the product and 

local regulations.

Child-Resistant Exit Bags: 

In some regions, exit bags that are child-resistant are used to transport marijuana products after purchase. These bags should also 

adhere to regulatory requirements.

It's essential to check and adhere to local regulations and guidelines when designing and selecting packaging for marijuana products, 

as these requirements can vary significantly depending on the jurisdiction. Compliance with these regulations is crucial to operate legally 

and safely in the cannabis industry.

Material OptionsLaminate Material
3. Kraft paper
4. Food grade material or customized
Capacity(Size)1.9*14+3; 10*15+3; 12*20+4; 14*20+4; 15*22+4; 16*26+4; 17*24+4; 18*26+4; 20*30+5; 23*33+5; 23*35+5; 25*35+5; 30*40+5 
2. Customized
PrintingUp to 12 colors, CMYK/Pantone
MOQ5,000 PCS

Stock bags could be in small quantities

Free similar sample is available in our stock for checing quality

Sample will be shipped by courier

Delivery cost can be negotiated

Deliver Time10-15 days (If large quantity,more days are needed)

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