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Material Selection

The first step in the process is selecting the appropriate material for the roll film. Common materials include plastic films like 

polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polyester (PET), and others, depending on the desired properties of the final product

 (e.g., barrier properties, clarity, strength).


In the extrusion process, the chosen polymer is melted and forced through a die to create a continuous sheet or film. 

The thickness of the film is controlled by adjusting the gap between the rollers or the die itself.

Coating or Laminating (optional)

Some roll films may require additional layers for added functionality. This can include laminating the film with other materials, 

such as aluminum foil or other barrier films, to enhance properties like moisture resistance or oxygen barrier.

Printing (optional)

If the roll film requires printing for branding or information, it undergoes a printing process. Various printing methods can be used, 

including flexography, gravure printing, or digital printing, depending on the design and the material.


After printing (if required), the wide roll of film is slit into narrower rolls of the desired width. Slitting can be done using specialized 

machinery to ensure precision and consistency.

Coating or Surface Treatment (optional)

Some films may undergo further surface treatments or coatings for added functionality, such as adding a matte or gloss finish, 

enhancing adhesion properties, or adding an anti-static coating.

Sealing and Pouch Making (optional)

In cases where the roll film is intended for use in the production of pouches or bags, the film may be converted into the desired 

pouch shape. This involves heat sealing and cutting the film into individual pouches.

Quality Control

Throughout the manufacturing process, quality control measures are implemented to ensure the film meets specifications for 

thickness, tensile strength, optical clarity, print quality, and other relevant properties.


The final roll film is wound onto large rolls. The size of the rolls can vary depending on the intended application and the capabilities 

of the packaging machinery used by customers.

Packaging and Distribution

The finished rolls of film are typically packaged in protective materials and shipped to customers or further processing facilities. 

Proper labeling and documentation are included for easy identification and tracking.

The specific process and equipment used may vary depending on the type of roll film being produced and the manufacturer's 

capabilities. Additionally, the use of the film, whether for food packaging, industrial applications, or other purposes, can influence 

the material selection and manufacturing steps.

Material OptionsLaminate Material
3. Kraft paper
4. Food grade material or customized
Capacity(Size)1.9*14+3; 10*15+3; 12*20+4; 14*20+4; 15*22+4; 16*26+4; 17*24+4; 18*26+4; 20*30+5; 23*33+5; 23*35+5; 25*35+5; 30*40+5 
2. Customized
PrintingUp to 12 colors, CMYK/Pantone
MOQ5,000 PCS

Stock bags could be in small quantities

Free similar sample is available in our stock for checing quality

Sample will be shipped by courier

Delivery cost can be negotiated

Deliver Time10-15 days (If large quantity,more days are needed)

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