Small Zipper Bags Recyclable Vacuum Stand Up Pouch

Bag Type

Choose the type of ziplock bag that suits your needs, whether it's stand-up pouches, flat bags, or gusseted bags. The bag type depends on 

the nature of your product and how you want it to be presented.


Select the appropriate material for your ziplock bags based on your product's requirements. Common materials include polyethylene (PE), 

polypropylene (PP), and foil. Consider factors like barrier properties, transparency, and strength.

Size and Dimensions

Determine the size and dimensions of your bags based on the volume and dimensions of your product. Customization allows you to create 

bags that fit your products perfectly.

Zipper Type

Choose the type of zipper closure you prefer, such as press-to-close, slider, or other resealable options. The choice may depend on ease of 

use and product protection.

Printing Options

Decide on the printing method and design for your custom bags. Common printing methods include flexographic printing, rotogravure printing, 

or digital printing. You can add your company logo, product information, branding, and other design elements.

Color and Artwork

Consider the number of colors and the artwork you want to include in your design. Full-color printing allows for vibrant and detailed designs 

that can make your product stand out.

Custom Features

Explore additional custom features such as clear windows, hang holes, tear notches, and product windows to enhance the functionality and 

visual appeal of the bags.


Determine the quantity of custom printed ziplock bags you need. Most manufacturers offer various order sizes to accommodate your business 


Compliance and Regulations

Ensure that your custom printed ziplock bags meet any industry-specific regulations, such as FDA compliance for food packaging or child-resistant

features for certain products.Marijuana Bags 1140.jpg


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such as recyclable packaging bags, biodegradable packaging bags, high temperature resistant packaging bags, retort bags, food grade, medical 

grade packaging bags, for anti-light, anti-fog, anti-ultraviolet, Packaging bags with high airtightness, and high standards.



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